Friday, November 13, 2020

Corvids and Feeding Time

 Crows are such a persecuted lot. Humans routinely chase them and harm them for their forays into yards for scraps of food where ever they can find it. 

It was a curious thing to see today when I fed the Stellar's Jays. I have this routine where I fill a small tuna can on the feeder with peanuts and place them in the other single peanut holders. I then walk to the front yard and look to see if my crows are watching. If they make themselves known, I put a handful of peanuts out for them. I do not want the Jays to get used to going to the front yard (or anywhere else for that matter) for food. If my crow sees me xe calls their friends and they quickly pick up the peanuts from the ground before the jays are done fighting in the back yard at the feeders. Well, the crows finished before the jays were done and one crow came back to the jay feeders and was trying to take a peanut from the ground where the jays 'purposefully' dropped the smaller peanuts in favor of the larger ones. As xe was approaching their stance was one of ducking, avoiding being attacked by the jays; this big bird, being scared by the likes of the Stellar's Jays.

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Liza said...

❤❤❤❤I need to get some peanuts for the guys here...😊