Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Vote? WTF

 Those of us waking up to the capitalist empire and the sham any government embracing capitalism has become cannot in good conscience vote for either of the empire managers the banking systems have put in place. 

Our choices:

Biden = WWIII
Trump = Civil War

WWIII spells the doom of all humans on this planet.

Civil War destroys the US of Ameriakkka but leaves intact most of the rest of the world. 

I choose saving the rest of the world instead of a Scorched Earth scenario. I actually will be voting my conscience with Jill Stein. I cannot vote for a Capitalist Puppet. Good luck with your Lesser of two evils, because you really don't know how evil that "lesser" really is. You have been blinded by propaganda starting with your first foray into a public school classroom and probably by blinded parents who knew no different because they have been subjected to lies and deceptions of the public education systems, aka Propaganda Indoctrination Centers, as well. 

The one subject they have effectively erased from the curriculum to make sure you never have the tools to oppose their pap is "Critical Thinking". You cannot get that until you get to college, and by then most of your opinions have already been formed, often by illogical "belief" systems. Get a clue, the Empire "Owners" don't want an educated in thought populace. That would be too hard to control. No, they have religion to put blinders on people. Whether it be Zionism or Nationalism, they have you by the gonads.