Friday, January 14, 2022

Vaccines III

mRNA, let me get this right. The reason it works is that it turns on and off epigenetic sequences that makes you (somewhat) tolerant (at best) to COVID. mRNA is genetic material, just, not the hardwire. The hardwire is that which determines which way our epigenetics "can" go. I mean, I won't grow flower petals because of any possible outcomes in what is hardwire encoded in my DNA.

There are switches in our epigenetic coding that "can" allow obvious changes. Diabetes showing up 2nd generation down from a group, who experienced famine. They were separated for generations from any other genetic material entering their communities.

Which brings me to why I'm waiting to see what happens with these vaccines. Epigenetic outcomes are often generationally separated by two generations. We've had what? 2 years only? Long study... (omfg) This is the real reason they really aren't "talking" about the science behind the vaccines, only the immediate outcomes. stats... and we all know stats can be manipulated to fit the narrative.

This is all stuff we know. RNA is the encoding that turns on and off those switches. It is not the hardwire, call it the "software". It is that which determines the choice of genetic decisions that the DNA can allow.

And you want to thank Bill "The" Gates for bringing you vaccines. His investments have given you the opportunity to try his latest venture of where software manipulations is going? (Windows x-COVID. Remember, he's the one who told you to push the "Start" button to turn "OFF" your computer.)

This is truly stuff of science fiction. Science Fiction has been talking about it for a long time.

Historically speaking, the natural barriers to travel, would keep us right where we were and the "empire" would invade, take our land, people, everything we have and kill everyone who opposed them. Some would escape and then we'd be conquered again.

The Empire gets you into a place where there's no where to go, no place to hide. And then you are a slave. Historically, when those who could get out, did. And it just got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, till we filled the whole Earth. Now, there really is nowhere to go, there is no place to hide. We are all slaves to the Empire, and we are quite literally killing our only "life-line"; planet Earth.
And you are going to tell me that the "Empire" has my best interest in mind when they push vaccines as the answer to saving me (for their slave camps) from the dreaded COVID. omfg

We are a bad infection.

The truth be said, we are killing our host, and trusting in all the wrong "authorities".

question all authority!


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lifetime Supply

 You know you've passed a milestone in your life when saying "A Lifetime Supply" just doesn't mean that much anymore. I have boxes of staples I bought in 1980, still a lifetime supply for me. Probably is enough for someone else's "lifetime supply".

Sunday, December 12, 2021


Thoughts after waking from a dream where the sun was rising in the west and careening northward and a caravan of police cars full of arrested people were heading for my home to arrest me...

Capitalism steals the only thing we have; time. Time to have fun, time to learn, time to enjoy the company of others. We are chained to our chairs, cubicles, labs, construction zones, food lines, benefits distributors, until we are too old to do anything about what is really happening in our world. Capitalism is that which robs all but the "winner takes all". We give a little here, a little there, until all our time (which now we have to buy back to even have a vacation) is gone and we are buried in the sands of time, forgotten, lost, moldering in Mother Earth.

(notes from a dream 07/10/2019)

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Capitalism's Failure

Capitalism cannot exist within the framework of an equitable economic system. Capitalism will destroy all equity because there is always someone willing to take more than their share for a perceived cleverness or "right" to take more. This false perception, this idea that they are somehow more clever or "worth" more will destroy all life on planet Earth as it is a mental disease, a construct within the mind of a primitive animal. That false elevated sense of worth is the foundation of all religion, all empire, everything wrong with our world.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, just because you are very clever does NOT make you worth more. The underlings beneath your status are more "intelligent" as you step on their heads for your elevation. Your bones will rot in the ground, long forgotten, in less than 100,000 years, a brief spark of stupidity that ends the polymer epoch. The next dominant creatures trying to find what happened to us will find polymers everywhere in this layer of Earth. It will be the defining characteristic, not silicone, though there are self deceived dreamers who never see the obvious and will tell you that this is the "Silicone" age. All Silicone is wrapped in plastic as well as everything else, even your metal cans are lined with polymers.

Because of this greed of the clever apes, everything they make is garbage. It is all to be thrown away into massive dumps of unusable trash for the sake of profit/empire. We have become the age of garbage. Everything we make is to be someday thrown in a landfill; wasted, destroyed, all for the sake of the Empire of Money.

The most heinous, hideous waste of "our" natural resources is the use of them for war. Nothing we make for war is ever meant to be reused or recycled. It cannot be, as the use of it destroys the devices/weapons and all around it. It turns the Earth into a wasteland, a toxic garbage dump.

"Love lost, such a cost,
Give me things
that don't get lost.
Like a coin that won't get tossed
Rolling home to you."
-Neil Young

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Shaking Off The Fear

It is cold and wet. Stellar's Jays are not going far from their home in the tree tops and just a few came to eat at the feeders today. Haven't seen my crows either. Very cold and no let-up of the rain. I'll be keeping an eye out for the crows and feed them when I see them.

I know I anthropomorphize in the descriptions of my avian friends. I don't think it's a sin. It is the only way I can describe to my human friends what I am observing in my avian friends. I do try to adopt the view as a different species than human and do my best to have no judgments.  

That said, I do have an attitude towards one jay who seems to feel it necessary to "alarm" squawk at me all the time. I have been scolding that one whenever they're around squawking at me. There has been benefits to my scolding them. That one is quieting down a bit. Especially when they find that I still give them peanuts.

Penelope continues to say thank you, as well as a couple of others. There's one who flies to the feeder, never touching down and takes a peanut out of the tuna can while hovering for just a fraction of a second and is gone in a heartbeat. So many different personalities and styles of motion.

Young Stellar's Jay
One thing I have seen consistently is in the younger ones: shivering, fluffing up their feathers just before they try to get a peanut from the feeder when I'm standing there. I think it is a process of mind that allows them to shake off the fear of coming that close to such a huge beast as me. They always do it just before attempting to fly to the feeder.

And then there is Penelope, who has taken peanuts from my hand. She is the one who thanks me for the peanuts, while on the feeder. It is a strange relationship I have with her. She is the one tossing the smaller peanuts out of the feeder in favor of the larger peanuts. Those are the ones the crows are getting, and probably a squirrel or two.

jay feeder
I have seen my crow take a peanut from the jay feeder. I originally tried to make a squirrel proof feeder for the crows out of some 'found' materials. It wasn't something the crows would be interested in because the branches were very thin, but strong. Jays love it. Jays hop, crows walk, ...and really, are clumsy. And they know their limitations and don't, usually, wind up on something they'll knock down. The usual time they do that is when there is definitely food there and no one is watching. But, I digress...

The crows give in to the jays' demands, jays are tough birds. They give Barred Owls hell often. By feeding my jays the way I'm feeding them I am able to keep them away from our "other" feeding areas. We have some suet cages and a couple other seed feeders around for the variety of birds that come through our world here.

The way I see it, if the crow lets me know he/she=xe is there I distract the jays by filling the tuna can Jay feeder with peanuts. I also fill all the single peanut feeders (4 of them) and walk away. As soon as I leave there is holy pandemonium; all the jays are grabbing a peanut and finding some place to hide it to get another as quickly as possible. There're too many peanuts to go through for them to possibly follow me to the front yard. I drop a handful on the ground in the front yard and walk quickly back watching for jays following me. If I see one I can call them back to the feeders. LOL

In the meantime my crow has put out the call and 3 other crows come down and swiftly take all the peanuts and are gone. It's one of the most fun games I've ever played and the crows and I are playing it against the jays.