Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my world

There is a world where there is food, water, shelter, and all necessities for everyone. The world is at peace because everyone has integrated themselves with where they are. We no longer are fighting nature, but living with it. Science is the method of learning, instead of faith. Life and diversity is sacred; all life. The natural order is respected, and no species is considered more or less valuable than another.

Unfortunately, it is not Earth, not yet. It won't be easy, and the odds are we won't survive to see it. But, that world that I have seen is worth becoming. We are not here to fight amongst ourselves, we are here to exist in the best way we can. We have brains and self awareness. That ability requires we take responsibility for everything we do. Without understanding that we are irresponsible when we fight with nature, murder species for the sake of our comfort, food, pleasure or ego, we are in fact designing and building the means of our doom. Without the biodiversity that evolved on this planet we are a doomed species.

But, hell... yes, that is where we are right now. There is no biblical Hell. Hell is what we create because of our ignorance and blind allegiance to fabrications of our enslavement. Tribe, religion, nation, country, city, state, money; are all fabrications which enslave and blind us to the reality of where we are.

Please, think about it. Help us find that world I have seen.

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