Thursday, September 25, 2008

Garden Is winding down

Howdy all,

The garden is winding down for the fall. I am still harvesting pickling cucumbers, chives, and waiting on the garlic to dry out. We did get some tomatoes, but they still aren't ripe. I am going to try to find some greenhouse materials to cover the structure so we can maybe have vegetables all winter long.

If I can get it covered before the first frost we will probably have a good tomato and pepper crop. I still can't get the peppers to produce, but I think it is a lack of heat. The greenhouse will probably make them produce... at least that is my hope.

I may be making some hot boxes to put next to our house so the plants will stay warm all winter. That seems to be the warmest place in our yard.

I'm also probably going to be moving the compost away from the south fence. Not enough sunlight in the winter.

We harvested snow and sugarsnap peas, and bush beans all summer long. They really produced well after I separated them from the garlic by planting beets between them. I also had a row of peas away from the garlic that did very well also.

I was disappointed in my okra, but I did get some, where last year I got nothing. So I guess that is an improvement.

Getting better at this. I installed a sprinkler system in the garden and that helped tremendously in sprouting and keeping the plants watered properly. It is so hard to do that by hand and I either overwater or underwater. The sprinkler system was probably the single major factor in getting the garden to grow so well this year.

The beets didn't do very well this year. I think it is because they didn't get enough light, with the peas growing over them. However, what we did get were some of the tastiest beets I've ever eaten. These will make beet eaters out of people who hate them. My grand kids were disappointed that we only got one meal out of the small things. I am definitely planting a separate garlic/beet garden this next year.

Now it is "On to the winter garden" in this harsh climate.