Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howdy my Friends,

I have news about my vegetable garden. Before I checked with the guides on planting I planted a couple of incompatible veggies along side each other. My first row was Sugar Snap Peas and the second row was (ARGG!) Garlic.

Well the Garlic came up very nicely but the peas just didn't do so well. When I did my reading for the rest of the garden, I discovered my mistake. DO NOT PLANT LEGUMES WITH GARLIC. Uh oh, now what to do.

As I was reading I found that Beets do well with just about any other plant. Garlic enhances the taste of the Beets so I thought I'd try planting beets between the garlic and the peas. This makes a very crowded garden along the edges, but to my surprise the peas started growing much better. The beets are acting as a barrier between the garlic and peas. All it took was for the beets to sprout and the barrier was made.

I planted another row of beets away from everything giving them enough room to grow and to leaf out well. Less than half of them even sprouted. Almost every one of the beets by the garlic sprouted. Hmmmm better plant beets right next to the garlic from now on. Use beets to buffer garlic from other plants that don't do so well being that close to garlic.

We have 4 corn plants, 6-8 bush bean plants, 4 okra plants, 12 pickling cucumber plants (that may need to be thinned), over 60 garlic plants, too many to count sugar snap pea plants, and various pepper and tomato sprouts trying to survive. There are also many beets growing. Hopefully we can get a crop out of some of these vegetables. (You know, enough to fill a pot and have a meal.)

There are already 3 or 4 pea pods growing on the tiny pea plants. And as the beets start getting larger leaves we can pick those and have some really tasty beet greens.

Hope this helps someone in their gardening efforts,