Sunday, December 12, 2021


Thoughts after waking from a dream where the sun was rising in the west and careening northward and a caravan of police cars full of arrested people were heading for my home to arrest me...

Capitalism steals the only thing we have; time. Time to have fun, time to learn, time to enjoy the company of others. We are chained to our chairs, cubicles, labs, construction zones, food lines, benefits distributors, until we are too old to do anything about what is really happening in our world. Capitalism is that which robs all but the "winner takes all". We give a little here, a little there, until all our time (which now we have to buy back to even have a vacation) is gone and we are buried in the sands of time, forgotten, lost, moldering in Mother Earth.

(notes from a dream 07/10/2019)

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