Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Vote? WTF

 Those of us waking up to the capitalist empire and the sham any government embracing capitalism has become cannot in good conscience vote for either of the empire managers the banking systems have put in place. 

Our choices:

Biden = WWIII
Trump = Civil War

WWIII spells the doom of all humans on this planet.

Civil War destroys the US of Ameriakkka but leaves intact most of the rest of the world. 

I choose saving the rest of the world instead of a Scorched Earth scenario. I actually will be voting my conscience with Jill Stein. I cannot vote for a Capitalist Puppet. Good luck with your Lesser of two evils, because you really don't know how evil that "lesser" really is. You have been blinded by propaganda starting with your first foray into a public school classroom and probably by blinded parents who knew no different because they have been subjected to lies and deceptions of the public education systems, aka Propaganda Indoctrination Centers, as well. 

The one subject they have effectively erased from the curriculum to make sure you never have the tools to oppose their pap is "Critical Thinking". You cannot get that until you get to college, and by then most of your opinions have already been formed, often by illogical "belief" systems. Get a clue, the Empire "Owners" don't want an educated in thought populace. That would be too hard to control. No, they have religion to put blinders on people. Whether it be Zionism or Nationalism, they have you by the gonads.

Sunday, May 26, 2024 Leaderboard

 Most obscure artists... calls me "Underground" for Martin Best Medieval Ensemble... LOL

And then on the Leaderboard, I'm first in the number of Scrobbles compared to my friends on

So, here I am ripping CD's this week that we bought from groups we've seen and I hit all the top scores. I am a bit surprised that my friend in Brazil is ahead of me in the most obscure since many of the groups I've been adding to my library are only "Portland, Oregon USA" groups. But then I also see that many of my plays are not scrobbled to and I'm not sure why. Mainstream albums are, but the local productions are not always, even when they have a barcode uniquely identifying them. probably has a database that screens scrobbles to only those they know about. Also, some of the music store promo discs are not scrobbled. 

So, is not really a true measure of the music you've been playing, but better than no measurements.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Shaking Off The Fear

It is cold and wet. Stellar's Jays are not going far from their home in the tree tops and just a few came to eat at the feeders today. Haven't seen my crows either. Very cold and no let-up of the rain. I'll be keeping an eye out for the crows and feed them when I see them.

I know I anthropomorphize in the descriptions of my avian friends. I don't think it's a sin. It is the only way I can describe to my human friends what I am observing in my avian friends. I do try to adopt the view as a different species than human and do my best to have no judgments.  

That said, I do have an attitude towards one jay who seems to feel it necessary to "alarm" squawk at me all the time. I have been scolding that one whenever they're around squawking at me. There has been benefits to my scolding them. That one is quieting down a bit. Especially when they find that I still give them peanuts.

Penelope continues to say thank you, as well as a couple of others. There's one who flies to the feeder, never touching down and takes a peanut out of the tuna can while hovering for just a fraction of a second and is gone in a heartbeat. So many different personalities and styles of motion.

Young Stellar's Jay
One thing I have seen consistently is in the younger ones: shivering, fluffing up their feathers just before they try to get a peanut from the feeder when I'm standing there. I think it is a process of mind that allows them to shake off the fear of coming that close to such a huge beast as me. They always do it just before attempting to fly to the feeder.

And then there is Penelope, who has taken peanuts from my hand. She is the one who thanks me for the peanuts, while on the feeder. It is a strange relationship I have with her. She is the one tossing the smaller peanuts out of the feeder in favor of the larger peanuts. Those are the ones the crows are getting, and probably a squirrel or two.

jay feeder
I have seen my crow take a peanut from the jay feeder. I originally tried to make a squirrel proof feeder for the crows out of some 'found' materials. It wasn't something the crows would be interested in because the branches were very thin, but strong. Jays love it. Jays hop, crows walk, ...and really, are clumsy. And they know their limitations and don't, usually, wind up on something they'll knock down. The usual time they do that is when there is definitely food there and no one is watching. But, I digress...

The crows give in to the jays' demands, jays are tough birds. They give Barred Owls hell often. By feeding my jays the way I'm feeding them I am able to keep them away from our "other" feeding areas. We have some suet cages and a couple other seed feeders around for the variety of birds that come through our world here.

The way I see it, if the crow lets me know he/she=xe is there I distract the jays by filling the tuna can Jay feeder with peanuts. I also fill all the single peanut feeders (4 of them) and walk away. As soon as I leave there is holy pandemonium; all the jays are grabbing a peanut and finding some place to hide it to get another as quickly as possible. There're too many peanuts to go through for them to possibly follow me to the front yard. I drop a handful on the ground in the front yard and walk quickly back watching for jays following me. If I see one I can call them back to the feeders. LOL

In the meantime my crow has put out the call and 3 other crows come down and swiftly take all the peanuts and are gone. It's one of the most fun games I've ever played and the crows and I are playing it against the jays.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Corvids and Feeding Time

 Crows are such a persecuted lot. Humans routinely chase them and harm them for their forays into yards for scraps of food where ever they can find it. 

It was a curious thing to see today when I fed the Stellar's Jays. I have this routine where I fill a small tuna can on the feeder with peanuts and place them in the other single peanut holders. I then walk to the front yard and look to see if my crows are watching. If they make themselves known, I put a handful of peanuts out for them. I do not want the Jays to get used to going to the front yard (or anywhere else for that matter) for food. If my crow sees me xe calls their friends and they quickly pick up the peanuts from the ground before the jays are done fighting in the back yard at the feeders. Well, the crows finished before the jays were done and one crow came back to the jay feeders and was trying to take a peanut from the ground where the jays 'purposefully' dropped the smaller peanuts in favor of the larger ones. As xe was approaching their stance was one of ducking, avoiding being attacked by the jays; this big bird, being scared by the likes of the Stellar's Jays.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

New song from one of my favorite artists S.J. Tucker

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The words of Sardior

  1. Whatever path you take, you are on the Dragon Path.
  2. If you think you are not Dragon, think again.
  3. Dragon says: Breathe Deep!
  4. If Dragon likes being naked, Dragon will be born that way.
  5. Quarrel not with Dragon, for thou art crunchy and tasty with catsup, and will soon become Dragon.
  6. It is futile to take from Dragon that which Dragon does not give. (See #5)
  7. Only dancing Dragons should ever carry a sword or drive a car.
  8. Better a Dragon with a flaw than a warthog with lipstick.
  9. Dragon says, "Read to me for there is time to learn", and ignorance and loneliness are swept from two.
  10. Dragon conserves energy to win battlefields and love by its prudent use.
  11. Flinging Dragon Dung? Expect to eat some too.
  12. Dragon says: Think not of the power of the oppressor for that will overwhelm. Think of how you have given power and then weaken them. 
  13. Dragon says: Place a dragon upon a pedestal and call them good, and you have thrown another into the pits of hell and called them evil. For, good and evil are but two sides of the same coin.
  14. Dragon says: It is better to step sideways and let the buffoon trip on itself with a little snag. that may have been left there. I don't remember, I don't recall.
  15. Dragon says: All life is on borrowed time. Some steal time from others. Some throw time away in petty anger. All are borrowing it from the universe and soon the universe will collect.
  16. Dragon says: That which a dragon fights most vehemently against is what dragon becomes. 
  17. Dragon Says: Beliefs are best kept, quiet. After all, they are all lies
  18. Dragon Says: If one does not wish for something to be said, do not write it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It is confusing sometimes. I have always lived in caves. Dark, often warm, but always in shadow. When I lived on Emerald we lived in caves. When I lived on Ruby we lived in caves. I am comfortable in caves.

She lived on the plains. She has always lived on the plains. To her, the darkness was oppressive. She would always open the blinds and then open the windows and let the fresh air come in. It messed up my vision. Made it difficult to see my interface console. The cold breeze would bring a shiver over my body. She always called me "cave dweller" like that was a bad thing.

But, now, I open the windows and the blinds. It makes me feel like she is still here. Embracing the cold fresh air and the constant gray skies brings the visage of her beauty back into my mind. How I long for her complaints of my cave dwelling origins.

This is a story that my mind created about a feeling in my heart. Do not take this as reality other than the feelings. The feelings are real, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. ;-)